photo by Danny Fulgencio
photo by Danny Fulgencio

“Human Side of Health Care” details breast cancer efforts with guests from Medical City, Methodist Health System, and the Mammogram Poster Girls

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Sheri Mathis, founder of Mammogram Poster Girls Inc., is a two-time breast cancer survivor (although she much prefers the term conqueror).  Both of her sisters have fought and conquered breast cancer as well.  In the years since her first diagnosis, she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for the early detection of breast cancer.  She fights for others’ health, having received her diagnoses early, via mammogram, and she has been blessed with a good outcome. She has made it her mission to raise funds for the early detection of breast cancer and mammograms for those unable to afford them.  Mathis’ “Pink” fundraisers produced by an army of volunteers, and generous donors like you, have raised over  $175,000 to date—and all proceeds raised fund early detection initiatives, and mammograms for those in need.  Proceeds from these events have helped hundreds of Southern Dallas women (and men) gain access to early detection.


Her third place after home and work: Tiny Victories, just because you see everybody, from 21 to 70s and 80s, coming in there. And Nova.

Her favorite image of the neighborhood: When I walk with my grandchildren to Annie Stevens Park. Just hanging out and watching how much fun they have at a place where I live. That was one of my first fundraising projects. I was on the Stevens Park Neighborhood Association board. It makes me happy that my grandchildren play on the same equipment that my kids played on.

Accomplishment she’s most proud of: I’ve kept all three children alive at this point. But they’ve also taken initiative and are making their way in the world.

The most challenging thing she’s overcome: Losing my mother [who died the same week as one of Mathis’ major surgeries]. When you lose your mother, you lose your anchor. The scariest is that my mother was a bit of a hoarder. She was a keeper of memories and things. My biggest fear was having to go through her house, which is exactly what we did, and decide what stayed, what went. And we kept the important stuff. We kept the letters and mementos. But you can’t keep everything.

The best advice she’s ever received: Don’t give up. Never give up.

The best gift she’s received: My grandchildren. The gift of a second chance. Second to that would be when I got new boobs and a tummy tuck on my birthday.

Her greatest influence: My mother, for both the good and the bad. I would never be like her or I want to be like her, depending on the time.

What she looks for in volunteers: People with a passion for our mission, and doers. I don’t need any figureheads. I need hands-on people. We always need help. [Call her at 214.908.8741 to volunteer].

Advice for her younger self: Worry less. Same advice I would give to my older self, and I’m not very good at worrying less.

On the local nonprofits she supports: Methodist Hospitals of Dallas Guild, the Methodist Healthcare Foundation, Rosemont Early Childhood PTA and Rosemont Elementary, Reagan Elementary.

How she relaxes: On a raft in the pool slathered with SPF 30.

The biggest problem facing our neighborhood: How to best grow and not lose who we are. And, of course, I work for a developer. I’ve been here when we didn’t have a grocery store or a restaurant, but we also don’t want to outgrow ourselves.


To raise awareness and funds for the early detection of breast cancer and mammograms for those in need.

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